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Fonemax M2 Band Smart Wristband

Brand: Fonemax


  • Band 2 Smart Wristband Fonemax Band 2 Smart Wristband + Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Protective Glass Gifted Fonemax Smart Wristband. With its stylish and lightweight design, the device can be carried easily in any environment and offers functional usage with its digital clock feature and additional warning functions. Thanks to the clock display on the home screen, the Fonemax Band 2, which can be used as a digital clock in daily life, allows you to access selected application notifications via a smartphone. With the Day Day Band application, the device can be connected to smartphones with Android 4.3 or IOS 7.1 and higher operating system, eliminating the need to constantly check the phone. With the 2nd generation 4.0 bluetooth connection, this smart wristband provides fast data transfer and allows the data collected by the sensors to be transferred to other devices. In addition, this connection result, the product can make the necessary settings and personalizations. With the alarm function of the device you can wake up at the specified time in the morning or remember your important activities easily. With a 70 mAh capacity battery life, the Fonemax Band 2 helps you enjoy your sports enjoyment. 15 - 50 hours between 15 - 50 hours in full charge and 15 days waiting time until the device reaches an average of 2 hours in full charge. Power efficiency mode and interaction technology, which switches to external saving mode, are preparing the environment for a longer battery life. Budget-friendly price and superior performance and price-performance in terms of meeting the expectations of the device, with a long battery life, you can enjoy a seamless environment for sport enjoyment. Smart watch and alert functions and healthy lifestyle notifications give you full performance in physical activities. This smart wristband opens a healthy and high quality life. Fonemax Band 2 Smart Wristband CordUsage Guide Fonemax Band 2, which communicates with smartphones via Bluetooth, is compatible with Android phones with Android 4.3 operating system and iPhone 4S and above iPhones. With this application you can follow all your activities, you can easily follow your sports program. In the Google Play Store or App Store
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