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GoTravel Hand Ventilator

Brand: GoTravel


Go Travel Hand Ventilator 504

Compact and comfortable 2 x AAA battery travel fan.
It's a cool breeze when you're warm.
Small enough to be used everywhere
3-position hand, release button, hands-free feature.
Easy to use with simple on / off button.
Removable neck comes with cord
Material: ABS, Electric
Piller (included): 2 x AAA
Product Weight (oz): 2.6
(In) Product Dimension: 1.8 x H x D 2.6 3.1
Product Dimension (in) Closed: 1.9 x H x D 3.3 1.7 W
Staying cool is a breeze with this versatile cooling fan. Designed to work at full power in 3 positions, this handheld or removable neck cable can be used with the hands free to use. Safe and easy to use ..