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If we talk about prestigious promotional items, the VIP sets come to mind first.  It makes a difference with their classy and high quality designs. Promotional VIP sets have strong power to affect the target audience of the companies or brands with entire detail from the product contents to the box designs, and are also very successful in reflecting the quality of the companies. These sets are ambitious products to change potential and existing customers to the most loyal ones, and can easily be adapted to different target groups with possible variety in many options. The Promotional VIP Sets get under the influence of target group in every case, for instance an advertiser can be attracted with a travel set which consists from passport case, luggage tag and wallet or a businessman together with a classic set which consists from pen and notebook or cuff links, and hit the target.



The VIP sets which allow the target group to feel special and valuable with their special designs, come into play especially when they have important customers that the brands do not want to lose.

When you are celebrating the New Year or a birthday, you will choose a promotional product to show that you remember your customer , and when you send it to her/ him, you will not only get a customer who will feel very happy and special, but will also bring your company a lot more profit than you would expect. When promotional VIP sets are selected correctly and sent to the right audience, companies will reach a much wider audience and will definitely increase their brand value since they will have many other brand ambassadors. Promotional VIP sets, which are incredibly powerful in reflecting the quality and value of the institution, despite their high budget compared to other promotional products; it is used to increase the loyalty of company employees, customers and dealers, to motivate them and to reach even wider audiences. Promotional VIP sets are incredibly powerful in reflecting the quality and value of the institution, despite of their high budget compared to other promotional products; it is used to increase the loyalty of employees, customers and dealers, to motivate them and to reach even wider audiences.


When the VIP sets are mentioned, On-Net promotion collection, which is not limited to the first book and pen sets, meets every need with its comprehensive and different alternatives. Our promotional VIP sets, which are at the forefront with their classy product range and stylish gift boxes ranging from travel wallet to power bank, cufflinks to passport cover, jewelry bag to manicure set, design notebooks to iPad bag, business card holder to key chain, USB to organizer, carry your brand awareness to higher level successfully.


The most preferred and used promotional product by everyone is these convenient back packs.

It is one of the most successful and effective promotional product group.

You can advertise your company very successfully with these backpacks without exception in gender, age-range or profession. By choosing qualified, steady and stylish promotional backpack that suits your target market, you can continue your advertising even in places you never expected at the unexpected time. These timeless back packs can be used for the years, thereby it stands out among promotional products, and attract the attention of companies who play in various sectors.


The promotional backpacks can be used as a sports bag, school bag, business bag or travel bag, and it proves that the promotional back pack is the most important player with its functionality.

These multifunctional bags, which can be seen on the back of an employee who goes to the office or a nature lover who goes to camp or a student who goes to university, create an unlimited space for the companies' advertisements. With the power of multifunctional back packs which is the favourite part of your local or abroad travels the advertisement can easily be seen even in a European country, and especially if you have a global brand you can increase your brand recognition in this aspect. If you want the promotional backpack to be used in everywhere, you should pay attention to its quality first and then choose an attractive design / logo that your target market will love.

This promotional backpacks which have wide range of material and shape options can be specialized according to the colours and design / logo of your brand.


On-Net can meet different demands of the companies through its different models which have either the interior & the exterior sections or pockets on the backpacks. Felt-designed bags, rucksack featured backpacks, waterproof backpacks, notebook-compartment bags are just a few of them. You are at the right place for durable and modern backpacks which will be used for many years with pleasure!  If you want to see your advertisement on the street, holiday or in the shopping mall, school, office, in short in every location where you want to see your advertisement then what you are looking for is very close to you.


Promotion umbrellas, which can be chosen during fall and winter months as the most useful and reasonable products, are also the most used promotion products that come as the first idea for many companies. Since everybody needs them and it is very visible, promotion umbrellas are useful for the potential and existing customers and they can be used as an unlimited advertising tool. In fact, they are very efficient marketing tools!

Umbrellas have a very important place in daily life for everybody regardless of age and gender, this potential makes them come forward among other promotion products. When brands print their logos with their names on the promotion umbrellas, they reach more potential customers and the sales increase. With all these, the promotion umbrellas offer a very big advantage for the companies that have huge earnings. The promotion umbrellas don’t have a time limit and since they are durable and relevant for a long period of time, you can think of promotion umbrellas as timeless advertisements. They will constitute a very good move for your marketing strategy and ensure success.


Why Should I Choose Umbrella?

You should include promotion umbrellas in your annual marketing and advertisement activities since it shows the way to advertise with very fair costs for a long term. Since the durability and the quality of the umbrellas is important for the time length of the advertisement, it will make the advertisement visible for a long period of time in the crowded areas if you give importance to these details. The quality detail that should be considered in order not to harm the companies with bad advertisement has an indicative role in the selection of promotion products. The quality firstly shows itself with the fabric that’s used in the promotion umbrella. After that the mechanism and the strings’ durability.

The promotion umbrellas, which offer different options with its different colors and models, can be designed by high quality printing of the brand’s logo or corporate colors and this leaves a permanent effect on the target audience. The cane umbrellas are among the most used promotion products by the companies and the automatic umbrellas are appealing because of their functionality and modern look. The promotion umbrellas which are preferred by different lines of work since it is a common product and which become a part of daily life help to reach the goal in a short time and both the amount of potential and existing customers increases.


The promotion products, which should definitely find a place in the companies’ marketing activities and sales strategies, are the delivered products to its potential and existing customers in order to introduce the brand and to create awareness. The promotion products are also among the most colorful and creative ways to reach the target audience. In order the promotion to create coherence, which is used to distinguish yourself from the customer, make an effective advertising and publicity work and increase the brand value, it should be selected carefully and offered to their taste.

It is very important that the promotion products, which are chosen from the products that generally appeal to all fields of life from technological products and travel accessories to kitchen appliances, raises curiosity and interest in the target audience and is beneficial! That’s why the more promotion products are coherent with the brand and target audience, the more successful the results are. For instance, when a mobile phone seller brand gives promotion powerbanks or car phone holders that the customers will use for a long time, it creates the intended perception on the customers. A t the same time, the products’ originality and quality are separately important.

In order the strategy to result successfully, the logo printing on the product should be in high quality and the brands’ true colors should be designed to reflect every little detail. Since the promotion that intertwined with many marketing activities in itself adds value to the companies, the customer satisfaction increases, the target audience is reached and since the sales power is supported, the potential and existing customers buy more products. Since the promotion products can be tailored for all kinds of budgets, it is possible to reach your goal with a low cost or a high cost. The important thing is to choose the right promotion products.

Since the companies need to make promotion product selection in line with the target audience, they make easier and more precise decisions when there is a wide range of high quality options on the platform in front of them. Since the promotion sector is so big and innovated right now the promotion product world goes beyond day planners, key rings, pens and it continues to expand. Bags, watches, eyeglasses, garments, technological devices, travel accessories and many other diverse promotion products draw the target audience’s attention with their designs for both men and women.

Since the well-chosen promotion products that integrates itself with the company’s quality, values and style, play an important role to increase sales and brand awareness, the logos on the products and in our memories gain significance. On-Net Promotion Portal, which cares about all needs of the companies with the promotion products suitable for logo printing, offers extraordinary products to the customers within the guidance of its innovative vision. Creating difference with its branded products, recyclable designs, 3D products, customizable products, On-Net promotion portal aims to motivate customer, dealer and company employees, protect existing customers, create brand value and connect the brand to wide masses.