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BIGGPHONE Biggpho to Os701cgbp Retro Phone Handset Green

SKU: BGP18070120367
Brand: Biggphone


If you are looking for an elegant solution to elektormanyetik your phone radiation? Here's iPhone Retro Phone.. Mobile handset away from your ear through headphones can keep the radiation emitted by phones. The combined use of the iPhone retro classic style with modern life phone is quite easy, plug in your phone and turn it into a moment of retro phone! Features: Softvelvety texture Headphone jack connection Audio settings button Telephone on-off button Does not require any energy consumption. (Electricity, battery, battery vb..gib of) 3.5 Mm jack of your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and is compatible with other smart phones when using the appropriate adapter. When used with a USB adapter to connect your computer to Skype, GoogleTalk, MSN can be used with applications such as voice conversations. Length: 20 cm (handset size) Başlayın.ekstr program input into the phone's ear and does not require use or installation. Package Contents: 1 Bigger phone retro phone handset. * Phone is not included in the product.